What's On My Needles - Knit-A-Long Edition

Each Week (more or less), I'll share a quick (or sometimes not quick) snippet of what I'm currently working on, no matter how small (or rough) it is. 


If you follow me over on instagram, you'll already know about this,  but in case you don't - here's the lowdown. My BFF (best friend in fibre, or best friend forever, either is cool with me) Kate  and I met up in Boston last year and went on an unintentional yarn crawl, because what else would happen when two fibre nerds meet IRL for the first time? We're both mad for non-superwash wools, and neither of us had tried knitting socks before, so we picked up a couple skeins of Quince and Co finch - in the heathered colour "caspian", because of course we would pick the same colour. But really, we picked the colour because we wanted something neutral but not too light that they'd get too grimey. These are socks, afterall.

So here we are, a solid 8 months later (whoops) finally getting around to knitting our first pair of socks together. We wanted to try this together because we have a habit of starting projects and ripping our hair out over them and then giving up (sometimes). So we figured that if we did them together, there would be enough moral support to keep us going - solid logic, right?

sock swatch

Then we figured that if we were struggling to work up the courage to knit our first pair of socks, there are probably a bunch of other folks out there, too. So we made it a little Knit-A-Long. We're calling it the Pen Pal Sock KAL - cuz how cute, that rhymes, and it describes our friendship. And we're using the hashtags #penpalsockkal and #firstsocks.

We technically started the 1st of May, and I'm saying techincally here because I haven't even finished swatching yet, so please feel free to join us at any time. Oh, and my good internet friend Joanne had a great term for what this KAL will probably be, the #worldsslowestkal - which is cool with me because, hey, knitting shouldn't make you feel anxiety or pressured, right? (I'll be honest, I sometimes feel that, but I'm trying to relax about the whole thing - it is only knitting, afterall). 

So get amongst it by knitting your own pair of socks - any socks will do - will doing the BFF socks by Cookie A  and we're leaving out the cables because Jen Beeman is a goddess and her pair were absurdly good. Knit as fast or as slow as you want, 'cause we're not here to judge, just cheer you on.