Close Knit Now Has a Podcast!

There is so much talent and beauty in the fibre arts world. It's all around us - social media, in magazines, workshops, retail spaces - and I'm constantly in awe of it.

So, I'm bringing you a recorded podcast, along with little blog posts, simply titled, the Close Knit Podcast, because these folks (mostly women, I've found - #thefutureisfemale) are just too good not to share. 

At first, I planned to make this a written series, and then my friend Caitlin (pictured above, center) suggested we chat these out and record the answers. And I thought, "like a podcast?" - and then I was really excited about making a podcast, as that's the way I most love consuming stories and interviews, so I changed gears and started recording my conversations with these ladies. 

Weavers, knitters, sewers, natural dyers, crochet-lovers, and everything in between. We'll get a peek into their work and lives, and get to know a bit about what got them started and what keeps them going. 

Can't wait to share these gems with you!