EPISODE TWENTY FIVE :: Deva O'neill of Phaedra Clothing - On Being Self-Taught & Exploring Indigo Dyeing

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In Episode 25, I spoke to Deva O’Neill of Phaedra Clothing. Deva is a clothing maker and indigo dyer based in Cornwall. Her interest in linen started at a young age, as she watched her mother and her mother’s friends engage with linen and beautiful, oversizes silhouettes. 

As a teenager, Deva altered her own clothing and over the past few years, has moved into drafting her own patterns, sort of a mishmash of other patterns and garments she’s made, to achieve the aesthetic she imagines in her mind. 

Deva and I talk about how she’s taught herself to sew and dye, and how the infinite world of fibre has entranced her. We discuss how she’s grown Phaedra and keeps it going alongside day work, and how she plans to grow it over time. 

Deva's Biggest Bit of Advice: 

"try to gain as much inspiration as you can from the world around you, but try not to compare yourself to anyone else... there's a lot of people doing amazing things and it's easy to feel like you're not doing enough... it's so important to stay true to what you want to create" 

People/ Things we mentioned in the podcast:

  • tony chestnut : very cool clothing, combining art and clothing (in still a very wearable way)

  • as petals fall - Deva has collaborated Kate on a few projects, she's a natural dyer who sells her dyed linen meterage. 

  • cabbage blue - incredible clothing maker (indigo, quilted,etc - do yourself a favour and check her out) 

Find Deva: websiteinstagram | facebook  

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