EPISODE NINE :: Sky Carter of Sky Carter Colour - Experimental Weaving, Playing with Colour, and Practicing Art Full Time

The Close Knit podcast showcases artists, designers, and makers from all over the world who work with fibre in its many forms. Knitters, spinners, sewers, textile artists - all will be celebrated on the Close Knit podcast.

Sky is a market hunter bargain hunter and loves sourcing different and unique materials for her weavings. In this episode, she talks about how she's learned to outsource certain parts of her process to be able to do the creative work - outsourcing the things that are time consuming and don't contribute to her joy. She keeps her outsourcing local - for practicality's sake and for the community. 

We chat about fibre art and how it fits into the traditional "art" world - and specifically how weaving fits in, how she sources materials and how she figures out how to price her work and communicate that to the world.

Sky's background in interiors and her love of colour has brought her to a point where she sells her work in interior shops. 



People/ Things we mentioned in the podcast:

  • Kustaa Saksi - the fibre artist Sky is most excited about - he uses jacquard looms to make wall hangings 
  • Natalie Miller Design - Her chandelier installations in Hong Kong - she shared her process here - the physical pain involved with the installation process, and other insights into her process.
  • Thousand Wave - weaver that does kooky and colourful textural wearable art that her grandma models
  • El Anatsui - the artist Sky has been most interested in and inspired by - Ghanaian sculptor. learn more about them here .

Find Sky: instagram | facebook | website 

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