EPISODE 44 :: Isadora Alvarez of Back Beat Rags - The Nuts and Bolts of Local Production

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In Episode 44, I spoke to Isadora Alvarez of Back Beat Rags. Lately I’ve been particularly intrigued by production - how a person gets into clothing and textile production and design, what this process looks like and the many complexities within it. I’ve been admiring Isadora’s laid back style and commitment to natural fibers for some time, then I read an interview piece with her and was struck by her voice - the way she told her story with integrity and tons of honesty and a sense of humor. Bringing her on the podcast, I was excited to dig into the ‘why’ behind her commitment to natural fibers and to understand more about her local production. She walks us through what production looks like for Back Beat so thoroughly and with so much thoughtful detail. I think this episode is really exciting for anyone who wants to more deeply understand how many steps are involved in textile production and how much thought and intention goes into this process for Isadora. 

She’s has always had a super scrappy, DIY approach to her business. Hearing all about her journey from the Philippines to the US to study and eventually start Back Beat Rags is deeply interesting and inspiring. 


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