EPISODE 39 :: Mike Reynolds of Everyday Girl Dad : Masculinity, Fatherhood & Listening to Lived Experience


The Close Knit podcast aims to hold space for conversation about the ways we use fiber to process world and life events

This week I spoke to Mike Reynolds of Everyday Girl Dad. Mike first came across my radar with his feminism-forward parenting and life thoughts and then I noticed that he was cross stitching. After engaging with each other’s content for a while, we finally sat down to talk, and we covered all the ground you might expect from a person like Mike - a father who parents daughters, is outspoken about feminism, masculinity and mental health. We discuss how we got into cross stitch and the way he uses it in his own life, and how he got started with designing his own patterns when folks he wanted to cross stitch weren’t being represented in popular cross stitch. We talk about the importance of being willing to listen to other people’s lived experiences, and how this has been a central part of his learning of feminism. Mike acknowledges the way in which his privilege allows him to have sometimes difficult conversations with other men and masculine folks, and how important this is to him.


I think a lot about gender and the way that it’s been steeped into every corner of our lives, so it was really gratifying to talk to someone whose lived experience if different to my own, and so wonderful hearing from a man about gentle masculinity and how this can look in real life. 

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People/ Things we mentioned in the podcast:

  • fembroidery - pieces and messaging around the pieces

  • cara handmade

  • fat owl fibers : star trek and harry potter pieces 

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