EPISODE 38 :: Lauren McDonald of Working Cloth - A Discussion of the Historical and Gendered Context of Fashion & the Universality of the Running Stitch


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In episode 38, I spoke to an old friend of mine - Lauren McDonald of Working Cloth. We recorded this chat in my closet while Lauren was knitting a baby hat, for no baby in particular - which probably tells you a lot about how it is that we became such good friends. We talk about how Lauren went from being the kid at the playground making friendship bracelets to studying in human ecology (formerly known as home ec), to working in fashion in london for 3ish years, to starting Working Cloth. Lauren and I met one month after she started Working Cloth, when she was living in Australia, making sense of her place. Lauren taught a sashiko workshop in Hobart & and we discuss her study of sashiko, the history of textiles & she casually drops her thesis into conversation - "the corporotization of craft in the early 20th century with a focus on depression era quilts", which of course leads into a whole other conversation about fashion, gender, and a favorite topic of mine - the politics of pockets. 

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What I love most about this conversation, apart from everything, is the way in which Lauren articulates her place in all of this - how universal craft is, and how we can all have place in learning and teaching it. How we can contextualize culture in the global use of patchwork and the running stitch. Truly, you just have to listen because Lauren does a much better job of explaining this than I do. We talk about so much more than all this, but I'm running out of podcast intro music, so listen on for the whole chat! 

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