EPISODE 37 :: Jess Schreibstein and Claire Moskal of Mild Woman - Friendship, First Sweaters and Valuing & Compensating Creative Work


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In episode 37, I spoke to another very dynamic duo, Jess Schreibstein and Claire Moskal, who together created a knitting pattern company called Mild Woman. Jess and Claire have been on my radar for years now, with their modern and minimal knitting aesthetics, their very adorable friendship that involves knitting the same things and collaborating on incredible projects. They explain how their friendship came to be, and how they collaborated on Mild Woman. Jess and Claire get into the specifics of how they ran this project and talk about how important it is to value and properly compensate people (even your friends, ESPECIALLY your friends) for their creative output. Claire and Jess talk about their first knitting projects and their first sweaters and how they encourage each other with their creative practices. There are pictures of each of their first sweaters in the show notes for you to see, which I gotta say, are remarkably less embarrassing than my own first projects, which I think speaks to their aesthetics and their creative abilities. 

Claire's First Sweater:                                                            Jess's first sweater: Michele Wang's Bedford


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pic by @nate.gregorio

pic by @nate.gregorio

People/ Things we mentioned in the podcast:

  • Fiberspace - Claire's former LYS in Alexandria Virginia
  • Stitch Sew Shop - another great shop in Alexandria
  • Elizabeth Suzann - A brand all of us love aesthetically and business model-wise
  • Wiksten - Jenny Gordy: the way her brand runs, again, aesthetics and timing. 
  • Netflix Documentary - Wild Wild Country

Find Claire: instagram  | Ravelry 

Find Jess: instagram  | Ravelry 

Find Mild Woman: Ravelrywebsite, and Instagram

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