EPISODE 36 :: Lily Schlosser and James Davis - Weaving Family History, Making Friends with Anxiety & Practicing Gratitude


The Close Knit podcast aims to hold space for conversation about the ways we use fiber to process world and life events

This week I spoke to a couple of people who inspire me so much. aaaaand spoiler also inspire each other because they’re MARRIED. These people are - Lily Schlosser of Eli and Barry and James Davis of Engaged Weaving. You won’t believe it, but I didn’t know that the two of them had anything to do with each other, I was separately following each of them, and just about died when I found out how they were related. In this open and vulnerable chat, James and Lily talk about how important fibre arts and the fibre arts community have been for them in processing their life events and supporting their mental health. James opens up about how his weaving practice has been a vehicle for processing and healing from grief and loss and Lily discusses her journey with anxiety and how supportive her practice of clothes making has been and how sharing her struggles with anxiety openly has given her a new and fuller way of connecting with her audience. There’s so much in this chat - so many ways that Lily and James show up to vulnerability wholeheartedly, and I am incredibly grateful that they were willing to share in this way. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 8.56.52 PM.png
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(above) james' work (below) clothing lily designs and creates for eli and barry 

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Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 9.12.26 PM.png

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People/ Things we mentioned in the podcast:

  • Sarah Neubert: James' weaving teacher and to be honest about what's going on in his life 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Hannah Gadsby and her show Nanette, how we process trauma and how we collectively hold trauma (or we do not)  
  • Lily is making a Cline sweater 
  • Fiber Camp - Lily and James are going to Small Acre Farm for fiber camp in Fort Collins CO 
  • Guilds are an amazing resource - find your local one! some of them have grants to give you! 
  • Natalie Novak: Combed Thunder 
  • James wrote a submission for Roving Magazine - EDIT: James got in!! Here is his writing

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