Minisode - EP 34 Continued :: Friendship Chats with Sam Ives and Abbey Rich

there's no Sam in this pic because she was taking it <3 

there's no Sam in this pic because she was taking it <3 

The Close Knit podcast aims to hold space for conversation to be had about the ways we use fibre to process events in our lives and in the world. 

This episode (minisode kind of, though it's still like 40 min long so not that mini?) is a little different. 

If you have not, first listen to episode 34 (part 1) to get to know Abbey and Sam and then come back and listen to this chat, which is the second half of my floor sitting Hobart conversation with Abbey and Sam from last year. 

We talk about 

+ internet friendships, how we met each other and became friends + how we navigate internet personas and IRL personas (spoiler we dont have any boundaries between them, and we all have a lot of feelings) 

+ sam tells us about her first business making t-shirts as a 16 year old 

+ we have a pee break (which I edited out because it got too weird to share on the internet) 

+ Australianisms vs Americanisms - how our voices have changed over time (Sam and Ani are American and lived or are living in Aus) 

+ Our embarrassing nicknames from different points in our lives 

sam's tattoo on abbey

sam's tattoo on abbey

abbey's tattoo on ani (given the day before this chat)&nbsp;

abbey's tattoo on ani (given the day before this chat) 

abbey's tattoo on sam&nbsp;

abbey's tattoo on sam 

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