EPISODE THIRTY THREE :: Nate of Loop'nThreads - An Unexpected Introduction to Knitting & Co-facilitating 'Our Maker Life'


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image provided by Threads of Peru 

image provided by Threads of Peru 

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image provided by 100 acts of sewing

image provided by 100 acts of sewing

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This week I spoke to Nate Bryant of Loop N Threads, and Our Maker Life. Nate shares with us the story of how he found his way to knitting, rather unexpectedly and how that love of knitting became something more than a side hobby for him, at first out of necessity, and then out of love. 

We discuss some of the details of how he chooses to run his business alongside a day job, and how he manages  his time between these things. Nate also helps to run an organisation called Our Maker Life, alongside other makers, who get together yearly to share experiences and ideas and work together on their craft. Nate describes for me his experience of working in the knitting world as a man and how his expression of his gender shapes his work and how others might view his work as a result of gender expression.  Nate has this really calming voice, and it was a treat to get to chat to him about the many things that make him uniquely him. 

photo provided by nate bryant

photo provided by nate bryant

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