EPISODE THIRTY TWO :: Kinknit - Unexpected Parallels between the Kink and Fibre Community


The Close Knit podcast aims to hold space for conversation to be had about working with fibre in its many forms, within our selves and our communities.

 In Episode 32 of the Close Knit Podcast, I spoke to Kinknit. Kinknit combines two things that you might not have thought about combining before (or maybe you have - like many folks who’ve gotten in touch with them on the internet) - kink and fibre. Which, when you think about it, kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? interest in fibres and interest in ropes, interest in the tying of intricate knots. Afterall, knitting is just a series of knots, isn't it? We talk about how kinking uses kink, yoga and an active fibre practice in their management of their chronic illnesses, and how even when their body wouldn’t cooperate, they were still so fundamentally a spinner and a knitter. 

Rope and photo by  @dwlphoto

Rope and photo by @dwlphoto

What i love so much about this chat is how we’re talking about something that is kind of taboo and not often talked about, especially in the fibre arts community -  but it makes so much sense when kinking explains the parallels between these communities that they’ve noticed. 

image by @magnessvondoom 

image by @magnessvondoom 

 My intention with the podcast is present people as their whole selves - and I love that we got to talk about all the ways that Kinknint shows up to the world as themselves - unashamed and proud of all the elements that make them uniquely them. 

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