We're taking a little break... See you in Nov!

a few patterns I've been meaning to release - one of these days! 

a few patterns I've been meaning to release - one of these days! 

Hey friends and listeners of the Close Knit Podcast.

Firstly, thank you so much for listening, reviewing, and just generally being kind about the podcast. It's been an exciting and challenging journey - learning how to make a podcast from scratch - and I can't thank all of you enough for hanging in there with me, even when episodes are too quiet, or they're running late, or links don't work.

I switched over to a weekly schedule a few months ago, and that's really starting to take its toll on me. Because I do every element of creating the podcast, it's a biggie in terms of time and commitment, and it's in addition to the full time day jobs I have. 

I announced a few weeks ago that the Close Knit Podcast is seeking sponsorship, and I am very keen to continue pursuing this as a way to enable me to spend more time on the podcast. If you're interested in speaking about sponsorship - drop me a line at hello [at] closeknit.com.au - or use my contact form.

For the month of October, I'll continue to interview new guests and edit episodes, flesh out the sponsorship model, and keep finding ways to spread the fibre arts love. 

Thanks again for the continual support -I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such talented, kind, and supportive folks in the fibre community.

If you haven't listened to all the 17 episodes already, you can do so from here - and while you're there, if you haven'y already reviewed the podcast, please feel free to do that, too! :)