FREE PATTERN - Feel It All Shawl

The feel it all shawl is a free-form, decide-as-you-go, feel it shawl. Knit during a time when I was feeling a lotta things, I wanted something I could pick up and just decide what I wanted to do with it in that moment. no specific plan or destination, just a journey I could take with whatever I was feeling in that moment. 

I encourage you to feel your way through this shawl, just do whatever feels right or good to you in that moment - make mistakes, rip them out (or don't) and keep playing around. This is a good one to get your binge watch on on Netflix. For me it was Jane, the Virgin (highly recommend, btw just the right amount of stuff going on to be fun, but not so much going on that you have to pay *that* much attention) 

download your free "feel it all shawl" pattern here


What do you think? Will you give this improvisational shawl a crack?