Not Perfect Linen x Close Knit GIVEAWAY

If you've been following me on instagram for a little bit, you'll know that I am a huge linen fan - specifically Not Perfect Linen

I first bought the ice blue dress from Have Company, wore it basically every single day, then realised it made absolute perfect sense to get the dress in a couple more colours (so I picked up the natural and the charcoal grey), and they've since become the staples of my wardrobe - getting layered over pants, under kimonos, under handknit sweaters. 

I love a lot of things about these dresses - the fact that the wrinkle actually looks good (a win for an ironing averse human like me), that stains seem to easily lift from them (I get a lotta bike grease on them), but most of all, I love the pockets.

POCKETS - I know I'm not alone in loving a good pocket, especially in a sweet little dress. But what's great about these pockets is that they're deep enough to hold my phone and keys, and I can cycle without fear of them falling out! This is a huge deal for me, and I often end up choosing these dresses over others that I own because of this. Another win - since I can put stuff in my pockets, it actually weighs the dress down a little bit, so when it's windy, I don't have any Marilyn-Monroe-steam-vent-situations (not that I'm opposed to that or anything). 

You all know how much I love them, and the family over at Not Perfect Linen and I wanted you to be able to know this love like I do! 

So, we're hosting a GIVEAWAY (that's open worldwide)  for one of their sleeveless linen dresses in the colour/size of your choosing.

Here's how to enter: 

1. Follow @notperfectlinen and @close_knit on instagram

2. like the giveaway photo on @close_knit

3. comment on this blog post with the colour of dress you'd most like to receive, and include your instagram handle so I an find ya! 

Giveaway will close on the 7th Dec, 2016 9am AEST. 

FREE PATTERN - Feel It All Shawl

The feel it all shawl is a free-form, decide-as-you-go, feel it shawl. Knit during a time when I was feeling a lotta things, I wanted something I could pick up and just decide what I wanted to do with it in that moment. no specific plan or destination, just a journey I could take with whatever I was feeling in that moment. 

I encourage you to feel your way through this shawl, just do whatever feels right or good to you in that moment - make mistakes, rip them out (or don't) and keep playing around. This is a good one to get your binge watch on on Netflix. For me it was Jane, the Virgin (highly recommend, btw just the right amount of stuff going on to be fun, but not so much going on that you have to pay *that* much attention) 

download your free "feel it all shawl" pattern here


What do you think? Will you give this improvisational shawl a crack? 



The Super Simple Beanie Pattern (Free Download) + A Shop Update

You might have noticed that I've been doing a bit of swapping around over here (or you probably didn't, and that's cool too!), so I wanted to pop the Super Simple Beanie up for you in this post to download, and let you know that my patterns from now on (free and paid) will be available through the link at the top navigation (Pattern Shop), which takes you to my Ravelry store! Not on Ravelry? It's free to join and there are tons of patterns. Not into Ravelry? Get in touch and we'll sort something out! 

Click HERE to download your free Super Simple Beanie Pattern.