Welcome to the Close Knit Blog

Welcome to the Close Knit blog. It's funny you should find yourself here. Funny because I always swore I would never become a blogger. It seemed like everything that needed saying had already been said, and with all the noise on the internet, why should I have to add to it?

But here I find myself needing a space to showcase the incredible talent, generosity, kindness, and authenticity of the fibre community. Needing a space to document the journey I'm on - a love affair with knitting and a constant desire to learn more about the fibre arts.  A space to be honest and transparent about my craft triumphs and failures, the materials I use, and attempts at being "sustainable". 

I plan to write a few ongoing series, a weekly "What's on my needles" to show what I'm working on each week (which might be nothing some weeks), a monthly "Learning As I Go" series, to be open with my heart about my journey of just being alive, and a fortnightly (maybe even weekly!) interview series with amazing fibre artists and educators from around the world - this may even take the form of a podcast. (stay tuned!) 

I hope you'll find something here that resonates with you, and I'm truly excited to share this part of myself with you.