Accountability Check In - too many months ... lost track

~ little grub, lotta goals ~  (a series) 

 in which I show you my TO DO lists (monthly) and list what I accomplished & what I didn't, in an effort to stay accountable to my work, and also just be transparent about how i spend my time. 

caveat: I stopped doing this from May onward. or at least, I stopped making these giant ass monthly lists & sharing them publicly. why? dunno, many reasons, I guess. but I'm back and I'm gonna see how this morphs to feel right for goal tracking of late. 
that seem okay? okay, here it is. 

In the next 3 months (end of July, Aug, Sept) I will : 

continue to s l o w d o w n. this summer it feels important to rest, nourish my body, listen, determine my needs & boundaries AND verbalize them strongly/stick to them. 

I will do this by: 
- walking to work 1x weekly, riding the other 4 days
- spending more unscheduled time at home (you're allowed to watch TV without doing something at the same time sometimes)
- really listening to my gut when it's telling me something is/is not working. verbalizing my needs: especially in relation to work - financially and how I spend time. 

life admin

  • get library card & start using overdrive. I STILL need to do this because somehow my schedule does not align with the local library hours. 
  • groceries: give insta cart a fair go. this seems to really work for keeping anxiety about food prep low - do once every 2 weeks, supplement with small shops in between. (check $ & whether it's working). 
  • go to the DMV, renew license/get real id or whatever tf that thing is. (appt set, see gCal) 
  • check in on my Workflowy big picture notes (recently started using this for some longer term goal setting and visioning) 

financial admin

  • stay on top of personal finance goals (check in IRL about) 
  • continue to read about finance management for > 30 min/ week. 

health - mental etc

  • HIKE a lot more please (camp aug 11/12), more sunday hikes, more neighborhood walks. 
  • friend and sister dates (Pat visiting, Deva visiting) <3
  • choir weekly. practice when down time, walking places, grocery shopping (choir break until 
  • sweep room weekly, wash sheets regularly, open windows in the house, vaccum rug. keep working on improving the entire home. 
  • therapy monthly. just keep going, try to do the things she gives you to work on, keep working out the $ to make it work. 


i think i actually just want to leave these open ended. some things are on the go, some are waiting for me. I'll fill this in as I see fit. 





close knit

  • Interview guest ep 40 (start of Aug - ls), interview guest ep 41 (start Sept - ac) 
  • work with editor 
  • release ep 39 (end July -mr), release ep 40 (end Aug), release ep 41 (end Sept) 
  • newsletter 
  • welcome & thank new patrons, (Aug, Sept) 
  • sponsor relationships - emails. (Aug, Sept)