On Accountability & Transparency - A Goal/TO DO list check in

~ little grub, lotta goals ~ 

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i've been thinking for a while about how to share the way that I plan & write goals & create to-do lists, so i thought I'd just pop a little post out here. why not? sharing about how i spend my time is important to me, and sharing it publicly helps me be transparent, share resources and ideas && it (hopefully) gives me a chance to be held accountable. 

If you follow me on instagram, you would have seen a post I wrote in February that very plainly listed my goals.

I never got a chance to share the end result of my February goal-setting, mainly because it was just too unweildy a post for instagram. so here it is (annotated to show what got done and what didn't) 

In February I will:

  • audition for gospel choir ✅ (2/3) EDIT: *join* gospel choir!
  • create and launch a patreon for the podcast  (created ✅ 2/3)
  • celebrate the births of two people I care a lot about (my little brother!) ✅ (we made a family video to send him) ✅ sent 2/22
  • visit my parents, go for a hike with them ✅ 2/10
  • find my sewing machine’s pedal, or invest in a new one & make my first sewing project of 2018 (a pillowcase lol) ✅ it was at home!
  • have sleepovers with my sister ✅ if at my parents house counts ✅ second sleepover with mom too!
  • go on hikes (make this a priority) : lake walk ✅ 2/3 home walk ✅ Oakland hills walk ✅ (2/17)
  • teach at least one knitting class (check - did on 2/27) 
  • start going to Music 148 at Berkeley and help my professor, CK, teach the class I took 5 times when I was a student (get back on the drums, sing and dance) - did not do, went in March
  • finish knitting my mustard socks 🧦 ( ✅ 2/4)
  • start a jumper (and let’s be real probably start a bunch of other projects, too) EDIT: instead pick up Thea’s cardigan! ✅ worked on the sleeves
  • interview a new podcast guest ( ✅ 2/5)
  • edit ep 35 of the podcast (which I am so excited about- I spoke to @eliandbarry and @engagedweaving) - EDIT: ep 35 is now Tal’s because of showcasing her grad show! Lily and James to come in March ️️- (check - ep 35 edited and posted) 
  • buy cupcakes for my coworkers ✅
  • knit beanies for friends, make some new friends (hopefully) be a good friend to the ones I have ✅ began one for Victoria (edit: made them into mitts for her) 
  • set up a savings account and a roth ira EDIT: get drivers license to be able to set up savings account > do in March
  • as always: sleep 8 hrs a night, drink a lot of water, ride my bike to and from work

aiming for accountability and transparency, sharing here, happy to share irl, always down to talk goals

So, the Feb goals went pretty well overall. I ended up ditching this system of goal writing for March because I was traveling with my family and attending my sister's wedding for about half of it, so I'm picking it up now in April, migrating the Feb tasks that did not get done, and adding April-specific goals. 

In April I will/ I am (given that it's already april) : 

Life admin

  • get library card and start using overdrive
  • post docs for aus super
  • Go to DMV & get a CA license (need this to do the next 2) 
    • open savings account
    • re-open roth ira acct & deposit money into

health - mental etc

  • friend and sister dates - coffees, crafting sessions & sleepovers
  • go to Music 148 to help CK 1-2 times. Go to their concert
  • choir weekly. get tunes from Tori. practice when down time, walking places, grocery shopping
  • sweep room weekly, wash sheets regularly, open windows in the house, vaccum rug
  • healthcare set up 
  • call & sort out therapy, begin looking for a match 


  • re-skein cotton to gift to verbies 
  • hem the black linen piece I got to turn into a cover for the shelf in the sun room
  • work on Thea's cardigan (sleeves) 
  • spend time with the quilt. maybe even finish the preliminary lines and think about how to bind it 
  • finish sock #2 beige
  • finish sock #1 red
  • order more mustard wool to start sock for annie 
  • start a plan for Summer of Basics (can happen as late as May) 

close knit

  • interview guest for ep 37 - get set up before La leaves on microphone
  • find editor/edit
  • release ep 37 end of month
  • create patreon playlist for may
  • send newsletter with updates (first newsletter ever? v scared of this task tbh) 
  • Guatemala debrief
  • 13k shawl gift 
  • magazine writing 
  • send object to melb 

& always - enough water, 8 hours sleep, meal prep and ask to be fed 

That's it, really. These are the things I want to and need to do in addition to my regular life things of day job and general keeping self alive tasks. 

I'm really into list writing and goal setting and keeping track of things with as much honesty as possible. If ya ever want to talk goals and accountability, I'm into it. And if this is a thing that you're like oooof I struggle with this, shoot me an email at hello [at] closeknit [dot] com [dot] au && let's chat - I provide this sort of support to folks on my patreon who pledge $15/month or more, and I'm here to help!